Can different chromis schools be together?

Can different chromis schools be together?

And while schooling fish, it is not always guaranteed that chromis will actually school together in your tank. If you’re lucky enough to have a school of chromis in your tank, be prepared to lose one or two along the way.

How big do chromis get?

Adults of this species can grow up to 10 centimetres (3.9 in) at maximum length. They have 12 dorsal rays, 9 to 11 soft dorsal rays, 2 anal spines, and 9 to 11 anal soft rays on their fins. It is a blue green fish. When they are breeding, males turn more yellowish.

Will blue and green Chromis school together?

Chromis likely won’t school. They tend to just widdle themselves down to one through aggression. Do a search.

Can you keep different chromis together?

Tank Mates At the very least, you should have six or seven Blue Green Chromis together. Many aquarists like to keep them in odd-numbered groups. Beyond tank mates of the same species, Blue Green Chromis are compatible with many other peaceful saltwater species.

Are Blue Reef Chromis Reef Safe?

This fish is considered reef tank safe. Breeding : Sometimes bred in saltwater reef tanks. Need a small school (shoal) and good water conditions. Get them ready by giving them live foods.

Can I keep 3 chromis?

You should expect a Green Chromis raised in an aquarium to grow up to 3” with wild ones growing up to 4”. As a result of this you can keep them in smaller aquariums (more on this later).

Can chromis live with clownfish?

Chromis Damselfish are peaceful, schooling planktivores that stay small compared to larger Clownfish and Damselfish. As schooling fish they should be kept in groups of 4 to 6 individuals.

How many Green Chromis should I keep together?

The most dominant Green Chromis will be at the top of the hierarchy with the weakest, most submissive, at the bottom. You need to keep at least six together to prevent the ‘alpha’ from bullying each individual fish too much; it helps spread out the aggression.

Do Green Chromis go to school?

Common names for the Blue-Green Chromis include; Blue Chromis, Green Chromis & Schooling Chromis. These busy and playful fish like to occupy the mid to upper portions of a tank, they can be kept in schools, but you will likely find if you put more than 3 in, you will end up with 3 in the end.

Can Chromis live with clownfish?

How many chromis can you keep together?

Whilst the majority of damsels are known for their aggression, the Green Chromis is the exception. They are known for their reasonably peaceful temperament and can be kept with lots of other community fish. If you are planning to keep them in a school make sure to keep at least 6 (more on this later).

What eats the blue chromis?

Being a shallow water fish, the blue chromis is commonly found at depths of 3 to 5 m, but it can reach depths of 25 m below sea level. It’s also been recorded at a depth of 60 m below sea level. It lives on the surface of reefs, but often swims in the water columns above the reefs to feed on plankton.

How big of a tank does a Chromis school need?

In a marine aquarium, schools are kept in small groups of odd numbers. The green Chromis is relatively inexpensive. A small school will be more comfortable in a minimum size of a 110 litres (29 US gal) tank but a single specimen can be kept in a 38 litres (10 US gal).

What kind of color does a green chromis have?

The green is a light apple shade while the vibrant blue shimmers in the light. This makes watching the Green Chromis swim around the tank a wonderful display of color. This species also has no discernible markings on its body. As a result, their stunning coloration is the star of the show!

How big of an aquarium do you need for green chromis?

Aquarium Size : 30 gallon (113 liters) minimum, preferably larger since they are fairly active and like to be in schools. Tank Mates : Generally considered “reef safe” they should be able to handle themselves well in saltwater reef tanks, however, you may not want to put them in with fish large enough to eat them.

Can a green chromis get aggressive with tank mates?

Once they mature and are ready to breed they may become slightly more aggressive with tank mates, but given their relatively small size, they shouldn’t do much harm. Some hobbyists who keep saltwater reef tanks will sometimes witness spawning of this fish.