Are there any revisited episodes of Grand Designs?

Are there any revisited episodes of Grand Designs?

The episode guide below shows the episodes as they aired with all the revisited versions also included. The DVD releases slightly reorder some of the episodes in each series and instead of the full revisited shows they simply have the ten minutes of footage that differs from the original broadcast included for the episodes on the disc.

Who are the architects of the Devon Grand Designs?

This stunning development on the East Devon coast featured on Grand Designs back in 2005. The sharp, white-edged Miami inspired design was created by Chagford architects Squirrel Design. On their website, Squirrel Design say: “A planning restriction on the height of the building virtually dictated a flat roof.

Who is the presenter of Grand Designs UK?

BAFTA winning Grand Designs, presented by Kevin McCloud is the pre-eminent television series on modern architecture and design in Britain. Produced by Naked TV and broadcast on Channel 4.

What did Greg and Georgie build in Grand Designs?

Greg and Georgie plan to convert a cavernous, dilapidated, 35-year-old barn in Georgie’s parents’ garden in Kent into a peaceful safe haven. But the building work soon squeezes their budget. Nathan and Amye are building a cathedral-like home modelled on local Dutch barn houses with a sleek twist and a 5000-tile armadillo roof.

When does Grand Designs New Zealand come out?

Grand Designs New Zealand hosted by Chris Moller, premiered on 4 October 2015 in New Zealand on TV3. The first season consisted of 8 x 60 minutes episodes. The second season premiered on 25 September 2016 and also consisted of 8 x 60 minutes episodes. A third season of eight episodes aired in 2017.

When did Grand Designs Live start in Australia?

Grand Designs Live launched in Australia in Sydney on 21–23 October 2011. It launched in Melbourne on 21–23 September 2012 and returned to Sydney on 5–7 October 2012.. The programme has been nominated a number of times in the BAFTA Features category and won in 2015. Irish singer Orla Gartland referenced the show on her song ” Heavy “.