Are rotors all the same size?

Are rotors all the same size?

These sizes are not interchangeable, and you must get the right one to fit on your car. Particular rotors size may depend on your trim (sub-model), vehicle’s country of origin, sports/performance package, transmission type, engine size, and numerous other options.

Does it matter what size rotors you buy?

Yes, rotor size definately matters. But depending on your style of riding, you can may be able to get away with it.

Why are front brakes larger than rear brakes?

The front brake are bigger than the rears because the brake balance is more biased towards the front. When front brakes > rear brakes the car tends to understeer more into a turn. When front brakes < rear brakes the rear of the car will lock up first and cause the backend to slide around (oversteer).

Are rotors on the front or back?

The rotors are the circular discs that are connected to each wheel (two in the front and two in the back). Rotors are designed to turn motion (kinetic energy) into thermal energy (heat).

Where are the brake rotors on a Mustang?

Shaped like a flat-bottom bowl with a distinctive wide lip at the top, Mustang brake rotors are one of the most essential parts of your Mustang braking system. Though they are located behind the wheels of the Mustang, your Ford Mustang brake rotors receive their marching orders directly from your brake pedal.

What kind of brake system do I need for a Mustang?

If you want no-holds-barred braking, then a big brake kit is your logical upgrade. The aftermarket rotors are often offered in two variations: slotted and cross-drilled. Both are a vast improvement over stock. Basically there are holes, or slots cut into the surface of the rotor.

What happens when you hit the brakes on a Mustang?

When you hit the brakes on your Mustang, the pistons in the caliper push on the brake pads, which causes the brake pads to clamp the rotors. The force of the pads on the rotors creates a lot of friction, and with friction comes heat.

What kind of caliper does a 94 Cobra have?

94-98 Front GT/V6 rotors are 10.84″ with 66mm caliper. 94+ Rear GT/V6 rotors are solid 10.5″ with 38mm caliper. 94-98 Cobra Front 13″ rotor with PBR 38x38mm caliper. 94+ Cobra Rear 11.65″ vented rotor with the same 38mm caliper. 99+ Cobra Fronts 13″ rotor with PBR 40x40mm caliper.