Are George Steck pianos still made?

Are George Steck pianos still made?

Steck Of Today The Steck pianos are now being made by Nanjing Moutrie Piano Company in Nanjing, China and distributed by Welkin Sound Inc. in Ontario, California.

How do I find the value of a used piano?

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three differentmethods to determine fair market value: comparable sales, depreciation, and idealized value minus the cost of restoration.

Is Steck a good piano brand?

The reputation that Steck built for his pianos has stood the test of time. Known for the precision of instrumentation and high-quality sound, George Steck pianos have often been endorsed by the world’s most renowned pianists and remain a valuable instrument when restored accurately.

Do pianos lose value?

So, do pianos depreciate? Yes, pianos depreciate over time. The amount of depreciation depends on the brand of piano, the condition of the instrument, and the current piano market. Some pianos hold their value while others appreciate over time.

How heavy is a console piano?

between 350-450 lbs
Console pianos weigh anywhere between 350-450 lbs (159kg-204kg) and are the most popular of the vertical pianos. They are a bit taller than at 40”-43” (101cm-109cm) in height. Two people are usually able to handle a Console as long as there are no stairs or difficult obstacles.

Are Starr pianos good?

Instruments by The Starr Piano Company are high-grade, well made instruments that could rival the most prestigious brand names. We have restored several antique Starr pianos in our workshop over the years, and they are consistently some of the finest pianos we see come through our shop.

How big is a George Steck grand piano?

George Steck pianos larger than 5’4” are manufactured with a duplex scale to offer pianos that are identical in materials to those manufactured by large Japanese makers at a more affordable price. This makes their pianos indeed more valuable, for the money spent.

Who was the founder of George Steck Piano Company?

George Steck, of Cassel, Germany, established George Steck & Co. in 1857 at 12th Street and Third Avenue in New York, NY. The firm had the early reputation of manufacturing high quality pianos. George Steck died in 1897 and the firm incorporated by 1904, at which time the company became one of the many manufacturers acquired

How old was George Steck when he died?

George Steck died in 1897 by the Aeolian Piano Co. of New York, later becoming the Aeolian-American Co. by 1932. With the Aeolian next several decades, until Aeolian went out of business in about 1985. The pianos built during this time were of

When did George Steck get his first prize?

The most remarkable of these honors was the First Prize at the Vienna Exposition in 1873, giving distinction for Steck’s tone, design, and careful detail of construction. George Steck passed away in 1897, and the company incorporated at that time.